Application examples of our Melaplast products

Special products

In addition to our classic standard products, our range also includes high-quality and innovative special products that offer answers to individual requirements. These include the thick Melapal edging with thicknesses of up to two mm, with colored core layers that match the surface of the edging, highly abrasion-resistant laminates for floor transition strips, surface laminates with real aluminum inserts for apartment doors and vehicle construction, anti-finger print surfaces, laminates for lightweight construction and for honeycomb elements, laminates with special structures for concrete formwork, piano construction, for furniture in the aviation industry, laminates for stair renovation steps and laminates for 3D deformable seat shells, we process aluminum with a plastic film that can be back-injected.

Our systems are suitable for a wide variety of tasks. We use raw materials made from cellulose, glass fiber mats, plastic foils, aluminium, cotton fabrics and other innovative materials. We are the specialists in the laminate industry for this. Our passion for laminates is reflected in our passion for sophisticated detailed solutions.

Laminates and edges in the endless process

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