Application examples of our Melaplast products

Interior doors, climate doors

In the past, the use of CPL laminates has proven to be the most successful solution for the intensive everyday use that doors are exposed to in both private and business premises. The advantages of the high-quality laminate are obvious for the needs of families with children and pets as well as for heavily used interiors of surgeries, offices and branches:

As a decorative, extremely hard-wearing, easy-care material of timeless beauty and modernity, it impresses with its diverse and sophisticated range of uses, which allow gluing, lamination, wrapping and postforming. With its hard surface, it is also suitable for narrow radii and door details such as frames and cladding strips, thus guaranteeing a uniform look. We manufacture CPL for doors in advantageous dimensions with a width of 2100 mm and a thickness of 0.15 to 0.8 mm, which are perfect for professional interior design. In addition, our CPL laminate is available with an integrated aluminum insert as a vapor barrier.

Laminates and edges in the endless process

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